First Nation

Remote First Nation & Northern Communities

HiGarden is a developer of the VIGA™ Vertical Indoor Gardening and Aquaculture system, a self-contain aquatic ecosystem designed to produce large quantities of organic vegetables and edible fish indoors all year long.

VIGA™ is scalable with systems small enough for a house, and larger ones suitable for schools and community buildings.
We believe that our system can provide a source of fresh, healthy and affordable food in any area.

Because our systems are almost independent of local water supplies, they are the ideal solution for communities with chronic or acute water pollution problems.

Our systems are ideal for communities with heavy metal pollution which may take years to remediate effectively.


We can begin to implement VIGA™ systems very quickly so that initial installations can be in place by this fall.

We look forward to work with First Nations and government leaders involved in water management, engineering, health management and food distribution.


VIGA™ is a perfect solution for all isolated northern First Nations.