Bring nature to your table with VIGA™Desktop! Now available in two sizes: 12″ and 24″.


VIGA Desktop


Desktop12 and Desktop24


VIGA™ Desktop brings the function, elegance, and beauty of nature onto any office, home, or school tabletop. Its compact vertical design allows users to enjoy pond, garden, and wetland ecosystems in a space-efficient console suitable for any space.VIGA™ Desktop is constructed from high-quality acrylic for unobstructed views of indoor nature, and includes all the hardware needed to support plant and fish life in a small footprint.

VIGA™ Desktop supports up to 10 herbs and 5 vegetables at a time, including spinach, celery, kale, lettuce, basil, and parsley. Its triple-component system provides a home for freshwater fish, herbs, vegetables, and air-purifying plants. VIGA™‘s patented wetland substrate seamlessly links the aquarium and garden levels, resulting in an ideal balance of nutrient supply from the fish and water purification from the plants.

Enjoy nature indoors with VIGA™ Desktop.



  • Attractive, high-quality acrylic housing
  • Compact vertical design with small footprint
  • Built-in water and air pumps
  • Self-contained unit and low-maintenance design
  • Desktop12 has a 13” x 12” footprint;  Desktop24 has a 13” x 24” footprint



  • Year-round production of vegetables and herbs
  • No use of herbicides, pesticides, or inorganic chemical fertilizers
  • Calming and attractive source of nature therapy
  • Engaging platform for lessons on ecology, biology, and food production
  • Improves indoor air quality through oxygenation and absorption of pollutants
  • Access to nature all-year-round

VIGA Desktop12 is now available for $750
VIGA Desktop24 is now available for $1000

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