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For educational institutions, we offer three options:
VIGA™ Desktop12, VIGA™ Desktop24, and custom-made units.

VIGA™’s sleek, compact, and easy-to-maintain units are perfect for as an educational tool for students of all ages and interests.

VIGA™ for Elementary Schools

VIGA is a innovative learning platform for lessons on nature’s interconnectivity. Elementary-age children will learn about many aspects of the natural world, including:

  • the different types of ecosystems
  • symbiotic relationships
  • the food web
  • environmental issues and sustainability
  • plant growth and agriculture
  • nutrition and healthy eating

They will practice compassion for animals, as well as cooperative learning and communication as they work together to feed the fish and harvest the plants. VIGA™ can stimulate their imagination and creativity, allowing them to expand their minds. And, equally importantly, it will allow them to have vital access to nature, even during cold winters and rainy days.

VIGA™ for High Schools

VIGA™ is an interactive and engaging platform to teach a number of different secondary school subjects, including:

  • biology and ecology
  • water chemistry
  • plant and animal physiology
  • agriculture and food production
  • nutrition and healthy eating
  • physics and fluid mechanics
  • environmental issues and sustainability
  • scientific method and inquiry
  • psychology and human-animal interactions

VIGA™ presents an opportunity for multidisciplinary programs in high schools. For example, chemistry classes may monitor the water parameters while food and nutrition classes harvest the herbs and vegetables. Biology classes may monitor plant growth in VIGA systems containing different quantities of fish. VIGA™’s indoor ecosystem provides the basis for many educational opportunities.

Students are naturally inquisitive; curate their interests by engaging them with VIGA™’s natural indoor ecosystems.

VIGA™ for Libraries and Lobbies

Many people have noted the incredible calming ability of VIGA™ units. The gentle sound of flowing water is very soothing, while the sight of fish and plants help with focus and creativity. VIGA™ units add natural ambiance to any space, which is very important for developing minds.

VIGA™ helps to improve the look and feel of any library in order to improve focus. Natural greenery provides air purification and visual stimulation provides focus for active young minds.

VIGA™ is perfect for any study space or lobby.


There are a number of resources to help fund your school’s VIGA™ system:

  • The Ontario EcoSchools program aims to promote environmental stewardship in schools, and offers funding opportunities and guidance in creating educational programs. Contact your school about participation.
  • TD Friends of the Environment Foundation provides funding eco-initiatives, including in-class indoor and outdoor environmental education programming for public schools.
  • The Copernicus Ecofund provides grants for eco education
  • The Green Apple Program helps fund healthy eating initiatives in Ontario public schools
  • Local horticultural clubs
  • Your school’s parent-teacher associate may be able to assist in fundraising

Educate with nature.

Contact us about getting VIGA™ in your school.