VIGA™ Overview

Vertical Indoor Gardening & Aquaponics (VIGA™)

What is VIGA™?

Through our flagship product VIGA™, we introduce natural ecosystems to the inside of built environments so that its inhabitants may enjoy organic food production, air purification, nature therapy, interactive learning, and wastewater treatment.

VIGA™ is a beautiful and functional self-contained indoor ecosystem. It provides an ideal solution for any property looking to install a feature that brings its occupants closer to nature and highlights sustainable living.

How Does VIGA™ Work?

How VIGA works

VIGA™ Benefits

A truly beneficial product will satisfy the needs of those who use it. Eminent psychologists, Abraham Maslow, identified these needs in broad stokes, noting that people have:

  • Physiological needs such as — breathing, food, and rest;
  • Safety needs such as — security of health, body, and resources;
  • Belonging needs like a — sense of connection, friendship, or belonging;
  • Esteem needs such as — responsibility, recognition, and respect, and
  • Self-actualization needs in terms of — creativity, problem solving, and reaching potential.

While these needs speak to individual psychology, a measure of VIGA™’s usefulness may be that is can satisfy, or at least provide a platform to satisfy, these fundamental human needs. What follows is a list of those benefits,

ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTION: VIGA™ replicates the natural ecosystems that underpin organic food production, and therefore serves as an accessible, affordable, and sustainable source of healthy and nutritious food. This is true whether users are situated in a dense urban centre or a remote corner of the world. VIGA™ consumes 90% less water than conventional outdoor soil-based farming, and is not only compliant with, but exceeds USDA NOP organic aquaponic standards.

AIR PURIFICATION: VIGA™ takes advantage of air exchange by plants during the process of photosynthesis, which removes pollutants and oxygenates the surrounding atmosphere. The result is better indoor air quality that consumes less energy than any artificial alternatives. While oxygen production peaks during the day, some plants produce oxygen in the evenings as well.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT: We aim to develop an energy efficient and chemical-free (natural) approach to wastewater treatment as an additional benefit of VIGA™. This process would transform the wastewater streams in homes and buildings into a source of higher-nutrient water for irrigation. The key to unlocking this potential lies in the thorough understanding of microbial ecology and waster-processing pathways in nature. This is currently under development.

NATURE THERAPY: Research has overwhelmingly shown that regular exposure to nature improves wellness in human beings, and has been named the Biophilic Effect. VIGA™ combines the pleasure of keeping an aquarium and soothing sound of running water, with the cathartic benefit of year-round gardening so that whether you are at work or at home, you can experience relief and relaxation through nature therapy. It is a participative and active process of natural healing.

INTERACTIVE LEARNING: VIGA™ is the ideal installation to foster hands-on interactive and integrative learning about outdoor ecosystems from the comfort of the indoors. As an excellent educational resource, it provides an easy-to-follow experimental platform for students and researchers alike.In this hands-on way, VIGA™ is the perfect tool for community engagement.