VIGA™ Desktop 2

VIGA™ Desktop

VIGA Desktop

VIGA™ Desktop brings the function, elegance, and beauty of nature onto any office, home, or school tabletop. Its compact vertical design allows users to enjoy pond, garden, and wetland ecosystems in a space-efficient console suitable for any space. VIGA™ Desktop is constructed from high-quality acrylic for unobstructed views of indoor nature, and includes all the hardware needed to support plant and fish life in a small footprint.

VIGA™ Desktop supports up to 10 herbs and 5 vegetables at a time, including spinach, celery, kale, lettuce, basil, and parsley. Its 20-gallon aquarium houses freshwater fish and invertebrates such as goldfish, koi, cichlids, and tilapia. VIGA™ filters fish waste naturally using vermiculture and aquaponics, resulting in less time for maintenance and more time for nature.

Enjoy nature indoors with VIGA™ Desktop.



  • Attractive, high-quality acrylic housing
  • Compact vertical design with small footprint
  • Built-in water and air pumps
  • Self-contained unit and low-maintenance design
  • Vermiculture component to naturally filter fish waste and incorporate air purifying plants
  • 9” x 24” footprint



  • Year-round production of vegetables and herbs
  • No use of herbicides, pesticides, or inorganic chemical fertilizers
  • Calming and attractive source of nature therapy
  • Engaging platform for lessons on ecology, biology, and food production
  • Improves indoor air quality through oxygenation and absorption of pollutants
  • Access to nature all-year-round

HiGarden’s VIGA™ Desktop Unit is a miniature ecosystem which incorporates many of the unique HiGarden biomimicry design elements to replicate many of the features and benefits of three natural environments: wetlands, ponds and farms. VIGA™ systems are the most authentic green building design technology because they incorporate living elements based on regenerative design principles.

VIGA Table Top


  • Compact design conveniently sits against any wall
  • Incorporates aquaponic gardening to grow produce
  • Ideal for growing herbs, leafy greens & other vegetables
  • Can also incorporate special air purifying plants
  • Incorporates aquarium with freshwater fish
  • Incorporates earthworm vermiculture to filter out waste
  • Attractive clear acrylic design
  • Solid construction to ensure a long problem-free service life
  • Includes water & air pumps to support a healthy ecosystem


  • Produces a supply of fresh healthy vegetables year-round
  • Can support the cultivation of herbs, leafy greens & other vegetables
  • All produce is pesticide or herbicide free
  • All produce is free of inorganic chemical fertilizer
  • A source of nature therapy
  • An attractive addition to the décor of any room
  • Suitable for school classrooms, offices and homes
  • Interactive ecosystem learning resource