VIGA™ Bookcase

VIGA™ Bookcase

VIGA Bookcase

VIGA™ Bookcase is complete pond, garden, and wetland ecosystem in a compact standalone unit for any home, office, or classroom setting. Its multi-level construction provides an enriching visual experience with the benefits of an indoor garden and aquarium. Two levels of aquaculture gardening allow users to grow up to 12 vegetables while maintaining a small footprint. Powerful built-in T5 lighting supports plant growth while adding to the atmosphere of any room.

VIGA™ Bookcase supports up to 12 herbs and vegetables at a time, including including spinach, celery, kale, lettuce, basil, and parsley. Its 20-gallon aquarium houses freshwater fish and invertebrates such as goldfish, koi, cichlids, and tilapia. VIGA™ filters fish waste naturally using vermiculture and aquaponics, resulting in less time for maintenance and more time for nature.

Enjoy nature indoors with VIGA™ Bookcase.



  • High-quality acrylic garden housing for unobstructed views of plant growth
  • Strong and durable wood veneer shelving to match any room decor
  • Compact multi-level vertical design with small footprint
  • Built-in T5 lighting and water and air pumps
  • Self-contained and low-maintenance design
  • Vermiculture component to naturally filter fish waste and incorporate air purifying plants
  • 13” x 25” footprint; 6’ tall



  • Year-round production of vegetables and herbs
  • No use of herbicides, pesticides, or inorganic chemical fertilizers
  • Calming and attractive source of nature therapy
  • Engaging platform for lessons on ecology, biology, and food production
  • Improves indoor air quality through oxygenation and absorption of pollutants
  • Access to nature all-year-round
HiGarden’s VIGA™ Bookcase Unit is a miniature ecosystem which incorporates many of the unique HiGarden biomimicry design elements to replicate many of the features and benefits of three natural environments: wetlands, ponds and farms. VIGA™ systems are the most authentic green building design technology because they incorporate living elements based on regenerative design principles.
VIGA Bookcase


  • Compact design conveniently sits against any wall
  • Incorporates aquaponic gardening to grow produce
  • Ideal for growing herbs, leafy greens & other vegetables
  • Can also incorporate special air purifying plants
  • Incorporates aquarium with freshwater fish
  • Incorporates earthworm vermiculture to filter out waste
  • Attractive clear acrylic design
  • Solid construction to ensure a long problem-free service life
  • Includes water & air pumps to support a healthy ecosystem


  • Produces a supply of fresh healthy vegetables year-round
  • Can support the cultivation of herbs, leafy greens & other vegetables
  • All produce is pesticide or herbicide free
  • All produce is free of inorganic chemical fertilizer
  • A source of nature therapy
  • An attractive addition to the décor of any room
  • Suitable for school classrooms, offices and homes
  • Interactive ecosystem learning resource