How Does VIGA™ Work?

VIGA™ Model Units

VIGA Bring Nature Indoors

We can’t bring you to nature, but we can bring nature to you. Presenting VIGA™, an innovative concept that Brings Nature Indoors.

VIGA Summary

VIGA™ is a beautiful, functional, and self-contained indoor garden system suitable for residential, community, and commercial spaces. It brings the wonder of nature indoors while improving the quality of indoor life through:

  • Food Production: VIGA™ easily grows fresh produce and fish all-year-round with no synthetic chemicals.
  • Air Purification: VIGA™’s wetland and plant system naturally oxygenates air and absorbs indoor air pollutants*.
  • Interactive Learning: VIGA™’s biomimetic design provides an engaging platform for lessons on ecology, biology, chemistry, physics, sustainability, and food production.
  • Nature Therapy: VIGA™ provides the refuge and relaxation of nature, even in an increasingly urbanized lifestyle and society.


In a VIGA™ system, water and nutrients are cycled continuously through the aquaculture, wetland, and garden components in a symbiotic relationship that requires little input or maintenance. The aquarium houses fish that produce waste and nutrients, which are fed into the vermiculture component. The vermiculture processes the nutrients to be absorbed by the garden plants, which filter water while growing fresh herbs and vegetables free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives. The water then returns to the aquarium to be replenished with nutrients.





VIGA™ incorporates Indoor Regenerative Design™ into any space using biomimetic and biophilic design principles. Our goal is not only to improve the quality of indoor environments, but to turn them into spaces of regeneration, healing, and refuge. Life is better with nature, and VIGA™ lets you Bring Nature Indoors.

*NASA research has proven the efficacy of these plants in removing indoor air toxins while in soil. VIGA™ systems are soil-free for low-maintenance and pest-free air purification.