Lights for VIGA™ Mini12 and Desktop12 Systems

Lights for VIGA™ Mini12 and Desktop12 Systems


Ensure plants in your VIGA™ Mini or Desktop systems thrive properly by allowing sufficient amount of light with our supplementary growth lights.

Lights for VIGA™ Systems

HiGarden offers a set of lights for Mini12, Destop12, and Desktop24 systems to supplement the growth of vegetables and herbs.

In order for plants to thrive properly, they require sufficient amounts of light. Plants with little or no light will become leggy and weak. With a set of grow lights, you can grow many plants indoors including vegetables, fruits, herbs, house plants, and flowers. It is also ideal for seed starting as they help ensure stocky, green seedlings.


Key Features:

  • Energy saving
  • Long lifespan
  • Ultrathin elegant design
  • Five time period settings for choice
  • Controllable by mobile device


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