Our Team

Our Team

Phil Fung, P.Eng - President

Mr. Phil Fung, P.Eng

Phil Fung is a Professional Engineer and Designated Consulting Engineer in Ontario, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Systems Engineering. His areas of expertise are energy efficient and sustainable buildings design, biomimetic and biophilic buildings design, energy modeling, and LEED certification management.

Mr. Fung joined SRS Consulting Engineers in 1997 and became its Managing Principal in 2004.  In 2012, Mr. Fung accepted the part-time professorship at Humber College teaching Sustainable Buildings Design, Bio-Inspired Buildings design, and Energy Modelling courses.Mr. Fung has advised for more than 200 energy efficient buildings design and managed over 1,000,000 m2 of LEED projects across Ontario.

In the course of his career, Mr. Fung developed a vision in design and promoted an affordable, self-sustaining, and regenerative Multi-Unit Residential building.  He patented his Vertical Indoor Gardening and Aquaponic (VIGA™) system in early 2014 which is based on biomimetic and biophilic design principles.

Mr. Fung brings to the sustainable building design industry many years of experience as a consultant, an engineer, a system designer, an entrepreneur, an educator, and is driven by his boundless passion for education.

Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng. - VP Business Development

Leon WasserLeon Wasser MBA, P.Eng., is a veteran environmental leader. At York University he led many campus-wide green initiatives including Canada’s largest non-municipal recycling program, a light pollution mitigation program, port-a-mug and residence students tote bag programs and the York University Green Transportation Plan. Leon worked with Canadian green energy developers including the manufacturers of our first solar energy systems, solar shingles, micro-wind turbines and other technologies. Leon has also represented leading global developers of run-of-river, ocean wave and hydrogen fuel cell power technologies. Leon has also been involved in power conservation technologies including nanotech solar window coatings, power quality remediation systems and numerous lighting technologies. Academically, Leon won the Schulich School of Business Schulich Teaching Excellence Award, helped design the Centennial College Integrated Energy Program and is a founding member of the York University International Renewable Energy Institute. He lectures and writes professionally on sustainability and energy issues. Leon serves on several boards including Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (Policy Co-Chair), Ontario Foundation for Engineering Education, Professional Engineers Ontario Toronto-Humber Chapter (Advocacy Chair). He was an industry association representative to the Government of Ontario for Organic Day (Organic Council of Ontario) and Environment Day (Ontario Environmental Industries Association) at Queens Park.

Brad Bass, PhD. - Senior Research Advisor

Dr. Brad Bass received his Ph.D. in Geography from Penn State University, in 1989. He has been working with green walls in since 1996, and in 1998, he co-authored Greenbacks from Green Roofs, the first green roof publication intended for Canadian audiences. He helped establish the first green roof field site in North America and pioneered the use of simulation models to assess the potential for green roofs to reduce energy consumption.  Dr. Bass has spoken extensively on how green infrastructure could enhance urban biodiversity and has written a manual on constructing an integrated green wall-biofilter system to treat wastewater. In 2010, he ran a field course where his students had to build this biofilter into a shower.

In 1999, Dr. Bass led the development of COBWEB (Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds), an agent-based simulation model that is now being used to simulate the exchange of energy across different trophic layers in a vertical ecosystem. In 2012, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities awarded Dr. Bass the Lifetime Achievement Award for Green Infrastructure Research. Most recently, Dr. Bass has recently been named as an Associate Executive Director of the Foundation for Student Science and Technology.

Eddie Lee, MBA - VP Finance

Eddie Lee started his career with Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 1981.  In 1986, he joined a pioneering firm to establish China’s first world-class restaurant chain in the Shenzhen International Trade Business Centre. In 2000, Eddie worked as a venture capitalist responsible for executing investment opportunities and provided incubator support for startups in Shanghai and H.K.

Eddie pursued his first degree in finance and administration in Hong Kong, where he also subsequently took his MBA. Eddie also obtained an EMBA in Supply Chain from the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

He has managed a dozen of companies in Canada and overseas as CFO and chief executive. He held a senior finance position for many years at Acer Group, a leading multinational IT provider with revenue reaching US$13 billion, and Nygard International, one of the Canada’s largest women’s fashion companies, helping it grow and reduce costs.

Eddie lived in Europe for over ten years, with extensive working experience in cities across the globe including Winnipeg, London, Zurich, Milan, Paris, San Jose, Barcelona, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai. 

Wolfgang Amelung, BSc. Biology and Philosophy - Ecological Engineer and Designer

Founder of Genetron Systems since 1985, Wolfgang Amelung is an ecological engineer who has been building self-sustaining indoor and outdoor rainforest ecosystems that significantly improve the air quality and aesthetics of building environments for over 30 years. With a BSc. in Biology and Philosophy from York University, Mr. Amelung developed his ‘Breathing Wall’ technology in 1988 – a special, patented process that employs ecosystem principles to purify the environment. The greatest of the proven benefits has been the creation of fresh, clean air in buildings. Genetron’s main vision as a company is to create new, synergistic technologies that are in harmony with nature, going far beyond the ones that presently exist, and to transcend the existing “exploitation of nature” paradigm.

Jurek Kolasa, Ph.D. - Research Partner (at McMaster University)

Dr. Jurek Kolasa, Ph.D.

Dr. Jurek Kolasa is a professor of Ecology & Evolution at McMaster University’s Department of Biology, having obtained dual Ph.D.’s in Ecology and Zoology from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy and A. Mickiewicz University in Poland. His work has led him to conduct research projects as far afield as Ontario, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, and Africa.

Dr. Kolasa has a specific interest in applying analytical methods to studying the interactions of components and factors within complex ecological systems, focusing primarily on aquatic habitats and their fauna. An example of one of his research projects is the study of invertebrate communities in natural rock pools in Jamaica, seeking to understand among other things, the dependency of biodiversity on the scale of the habitat, its variability, and species composition.

With his decades of experience, and the combination of the above-mentioned research and his teaching, Dr. Kolasa is an invaluable member of HiGarden’s applied research program. Working together, we seek to further the development of our Vertical Indoor Ecosystem concept, identifying new organisms for our closed-loop ecosystems, the addition of which will help improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operating cycles and reduce the need for external intervention.