Bio-Inspired Design

At HiGarden we aim to create improved indoor environments using Bio-Inspired Design to harness the nurturing, healing, and inspiring effects of nature.

Bio-Inspired Design utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporate natural design elements into built environments. We use a number of principles in order to achieve effective and healthy indoor spaces, for both the environment and for human inhabitants:

  • Biophilic design is the use of natural elements and analogues in a space to elicit human connection to nature.
  • Biomimicry is the use of nature as inspiration for human-oriented design.
  • Indoor Regeneration Design is unique to HiGarden; it is the use of design to create spaces that create a net positive benefit to the user, as opposed to the least harm as in conventional sustainable design. It is the operating principle of HiGarden Inc.

The purpose of Bio-Inspired Design is to create spaces of refuge, nurture, and creativity in places that are otherwise sterile, stark, and removed from the natural environment.

We offer Bio-Inspired Design consulting for commercial, retail, healthcare, and educational institutions, as well as residential projects.

At HiGarden we are equipped with the right expertise to transform any space into a natural refuge. Our unique team of LEED consulting engineers, scientific researchers, and business owners provide complete support for small- and large-scale projects.

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