About Us

Who We Are

HiGarden is a green building design and consulting company with more than 10 years experience, and an extensive project portfolio. We provide holistic green building design services by employing LEED®, WELL®, VIGA™ (Vertical Indoor Gardening & Aquaculture), and Indoor Regenerative Design™ concepts and methodologies.

What We Do

HiGarden looks to nature for inspiration and guidance to design buildings that are harmonized with their environment. The result is green buildings that integrate nature and its benefits without sacrificing the comfort, convenience and affordability of modern living.

HiGarden holds the patent on vertical, water-based systems (e.g. Vertical Indoor Gardening & Aquaculture) that apply principles of closed-loop ecosystems to indoor growing of organic food and occupant well-being. We are the world leader in R&D of indoor ecosystems for commercial use. Our designs seek to maximize social good by providing users with benefits that are renewable and resilient to climate change.

Our Vision

A sustainable earth for present and future generations—whether privileged or under-privileged—to discover and enjoy.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with innovative sustainable building design solutions that improve their quality of life by merging science, nature and design in built environments.

Our Core Values

Human beings are fundamentally connected with nature, relying on it for sustenance, health, inspiration, material wealth and relaxation. However, industrial and human activities have damaged this source of wellbeing through overharvest, pollution, and climate change. HiGarden believes that humans, as stewards of the Earth, have a responsibility to preserve and reinvigorate nature for present and future generations.