Retailers, Restaurants & Office Buildings

HiGarden VIGA™ Applications for Commercial Buildings

Commercial office Buildings operate in a highly competitive environment where discerning tenants seek increasing numbers of unique amenities and features from their landlords to serve their clients better. HiGarden VIGA™ can be a vital competitive edge for any facility. HiGarden VIGA™ introduces a new level of Green Building technology to the market.

With so many office buildings facing competitive pressures and declining occupancies, property owners need to work hard to identify and implement amenities and upgrades that will attract the type of high-quality tenants they desire.

In addition, tenants, their employees, and customers want their offices and retail units to be green and sustainable. VIGA™ systems communicate a facility’s commitment to sustainability while serving as a design element that enlivens and enhances any quality building.

HiGarden VIGA™ Benefits for Commercial Buildings

  • An attractive and attention-grabbing design feature for entrance foyers
  • Communicates building’s strong commitment to hotel guest caring and wellness
  • Demonstrates a landlord’s commitment to the environment and sustainability
  • Engages the attention of tenant staff and customers
  • Plants and fish provide soothing nature therapy to promote well-being year-round
  • Improves indoor air quality through live plant photosynthesis which drives the oxygen cycle
  • An interactive, experiential learning tool about inter-connectedness of natural ecosystems
  • Can produce edible organic vegetables and even fish all grown without fertilizers and pesticides