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Restaurants and Retail

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HiGarden VIGA™ Applications for Commercial Buildings

Commercial office buildings operate in a highly competitive environment where discerning tenants seek increasing numbers of unique amenities and features from their landlords to serve their clients better. HiGarden VIGA™ can be a vital competitive edge for any facility. HiGarden VIGA™ introduces a new level of Green Building technology to the market.

HiGarden VIGA™ Application for Restaurants

HiGarden VIGA™ system is an integrated living architectural feature for any high-quality public building. It conveys a very visual and tangible way an organization can commit to the environmental conservation, sustainability, and stewardship. HiGarden VIGA™ introduces a new level of Green Building technology to the market. Our systems can be especially useful in any restaurant, as it provides a unique and attractive architectural feature, and also allows growing fresh produce to be used in food preparation.



HiGarden VIGA™ Benefits for Restaurants

VIGA™ systems provide the following benefits to restaurants:

  • A highly attractive architectural feature to visually communicate a commitment to sustainability
  • Our large-scale systems give an ability to grow fresh herbs and vegetables as well as fish for the use in food preparation
  • Demonstration of food production that avoids fertilizers and pesticides
  • Air purification using natural photosynthesis to drive the oxygen cycle to improve air quality
  • Nature therapy through the exposure to soothing nature enhances wellness year-round
  • Aesthetic enhancement – a living VIGA™ system is an attractive addition to any public building.