Remote Communities

Remote Communities

Remote First Nation & Northern Communities

HiGarden VIGA™ Application for Remote Communities

VIGA™ can help free remote northern communities from dependence on heavily processed and unhealthy foods as well as expensive, low quality, perishable produce. VIGA™ empowers individuals, families, and communities to grow their own food all year long.

HiGarden VIGA™ Benefits for Remote Communities

The following are just some important benefits VIGA™ system can provide remote communities with:

  • A continuous and plentiful supply of high-quality fresh vegetables and fish all year long
  • Numerous health benefits from fresh vitamin-rich foods all year-round
  • A hands-on interactive learning tool to reinforce traditional understand of natural ecosystems
  • Pesticide and synthetic fertilizer free food production independent of contaminated water
  • Indoor air purification using natural plant photosynthetic to replenish oxygen
  • A source of soul-calming Nature Therapy to improve wellness