HiGarden VIGA™ Applications for Hotels

Hotels operate in a highly competitive environment where discerning travelers seek increasing numbers of unique amenities and features. HiGarden VIGA™ introduces a new level of Green Building technology the market.

Hotels are very special buildings for many reasons. Travelers have many options to choose from in most destinations. Hotel guests typically stay in their hotel for relatively short periods, often just a few days, so it is of critical importance for a hotel to make a strong positive impression very quickly. In addition, hotel guests are becoming interested in facilities that are demonstratively green and sustainable. VIGA™ systems communicate a hotel’s commitment to sustainability while serving as a design element that enlivens and enhances any quality hotel.

VIGA Hotel Lobby Living Wall

VIGA Rendering 1
Artist's conception of VIGA system in hotel lobby setting

VIGA Hotel Nature Room

VIGA Nature Room
Artist's conception of VIGA system in a "nature room" setting

HiGarden VIGA™ Features

HiGarden VIGA™ is a complete ecosystem designed to help bring people closer to nature. It is contained within a series of interconnected structural elements which collectively constitute a stable self-sustaining living environment. The various levels of our VIGA™ system include the following:

  • Wetland System: Vermiculture colony of earthworms living in a growth medium terrarium
  • Hydroponic Farm System: VIGA™ supports the growth of all types of edible vegetables
  • Pond Like Aquarium System: Students will be able to observe the complete life cycle of fish
  • Ecosystem: Self-sustaining VIGA™ systems need little maintenance

HiGarden VIGA™ Benefits for Hotels

  • An attractive and attention-grabbing design feature for hotel foyers
  • Communicates hotel’s strong commitment to hotel guest caring and wellness
  • Demonstrates a hotel’s commitment for environmental conservation and sustainability
  • Engages the attention of hotel guests of all ages and backgrounds
  • Plants and fish provide soothing nature therapy to promote well-being year-round
  • Improves indoor air quality through live plant photosynthesis which drives the oxygen cycle
  • An interactive experiential learning tool about inter-connectedness of natural ecosystems
  • Can produce edible organic vegetables and even fish, all grown without fertilizers and pesticides