Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities & Medical Offices

HiGarden is a developer of the VIGA™ Vertical Indoor Gardening and Aquaculture system, a unique self-contained ecosystem designed to be an attractive enhancement to any healthcare facility. We offer a variety of VIGA™ systems designed to complement acute care, long-term care and all types of health and medical clinics.

In addition, HiGarden VIGA™ systems dramatically improve the indoor environment of any health facility through its natural filtration technologies and the restorative power of the oxygen produced by the vegetative elements of VIGA™.

HiGarden VIGA™ Benefits for Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Long Term Care Facilities

VIGA™ systems provide the following benefits to hospitals, healthcare facilities, and long-term care establishments:

  • Living plants and fish provide soothing nature therapy to promote well-being year-round
  • A highly attractive design feature to visually communicate a commitment to health and wellness
  • An interactive experiential learning tool about inter-connectedness of natural ecosystems
  • A tangible tool to demonstrate the complete life cycles of various living organisms
  • Can produce edible organic vegetables and even fish all grown without fertilizers and pesticides
  • Improves indoor air quality through live plant photosynthesis which drives the oxygen cycle