Primary/Secondary Schools, Colleges & Universities

HiGarden Inc. is a developer of the VIGA™ Vertical Indoor Gardening and Aquaculture system, a unique self-contained ecosystem designed to be both a teaching tool for educators and a facility enhancement for the entire school community.

The HiGarden VIGA™ Vertical Indoor Gardening & Aquaculture system is the ultimate resource for teaching and learning about biology and ecosystems. The VIGA™ system applies the concepts of bio-mimicry and closed loop ecosystems to animate the learning environment and help connect students and the educational process to nature. In this way, VIGA™ is a great tool to help teach sustainability and natural life cycles.

HiGarden VIGA™ systems dramatically improve the indoor physical environment of any school. Special plants used for VIGA™ help to filter the school’s indoor air. The presence of fish can be endlessly entertaining.

VIGA™ employs HiGarden’s Indoor Regenerative Design™ approach which combines diverse design elements symbiotically into unique, biodiverse and modular systems that fit perfectly into any school environment.

VIGA™ systems produce herbs, leafy greens and other vegetables all year long, and larger systems can even produce quantities of edible fish.

HiGarden VIGA™ Features

FARM: Hydroponic cultivation of fresh vegetables
POND: Aquariums with edible freshwater fish (tilapia, carp or coy)           WETLAND: Earthworm vermiculture soil for natural filtration

SELF-SUSTAINING: VIGA™ ecosystems require little maintenance
PESTICIDE FREE: VIGA™ uses no pesticides
INORGANIC-FERTILIZER FREE: VIGA™ systems and the food they produce are both healthy!


HiGarden VIGA™ Benefits for The Educational Sector

VIGA™ systems are literally living laboratories and wonderful resources to teachers, student and staff.

  • An ever-changing sustainable ecosystem for creative use throughout the curriculum
  • An ever replenishing supply of high quality vitamin-rich fresh vegetables all year long
  • Living fish which can be enjoyed visually and used as teaching tools, or can be harvested
  • A hands-on interactive learning tool for many ecosystem related classes
  • A calming source of wellness enhancing Nature Therapy for student and staff year-round
  • Demonstrates the application of pesticide and inorganic fertilizer- free farming
  • Specifically selected purifying plants can help to improve a school’s indoor air quality
  • Attractive systems enhance any school by recreating a summer environment all year long


VIGA™ System Options for Schools

  • VIGA™ Desktop: A small unit which can be mounted on a classroom table, desk or counter
  • VIGA™ Bookcase: A full height unit which can be installed in any classroom or laboratory
  • VIGA™ Lobby: A larger feature system which can be installed at in school entrance or atrium
  • VIGA™ Nature Room: A room size system which can serve as both a laboratory and a lounge
  • VIGA™ Community Farm: A modularly designed room sized system for allocation to classes


The Science of VIGA™

VIGA® applies the concepts of biophilia, biomimicry and closed-loop ecosystems to produce self- sustaining indoor ecosystems that help to bring people closer to nature. In particular, VIGA™ employs HiGarden’s principles of Indoor Regenerative Design™ which symbiotically combine features modelled on natural environments into unique, biodiverse modular systems that will fit perfectly into any school facility.