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Most urban dwellers, especially condominium residents, spend 90% of their days in sterile offices and homes being cut off from the multiple benefits of the natural environment that we as human beings require. VIGA™ enables condominium residents to reconnect with the natural environment so that they can enjoy the benefits of nature all day, every day, all year long.

HiGarden VIGA™ – A Competitive Edge

Condominium developers operate in a highly competitive environment where discerning clients seek increasing numbers of building amenities and features. HiGarden VIGA™ can be a key competitive edge for any condominium development. We offer condominium developers four VIGA™ options:

VIGA™ Living Walls: HiGarden will work with your architect and interior designer team to compose a unique full-sized VIGA™ system for your building’s main entrance which complements the décor of this essential building area. An entrance VIGA™ will remind all condominium residents and visitors that this condominium is a living environment, not just a stone structure.

VIGA™ Nature Room: A VIGA™ Nature Room is a natural retreat center where residents can relax, read, practice yoga or simply gather in a calm spa-like atmosphere. A VIGA™ Nature Room expands your repertoire of condominium common area amenities and complements your facility’s swimming pool, exercise room, or function room.

VIGA™ Community Farm: A VIGA™ Community Farm provides condominium members with an opportunity to grow their own food in their own indoor oasis all year long. A VIGA™ Community Farm is the ultimate vertical garden and fish farm for your community.

VIGA™ DeskTop & VIGA™ Mini: Two sizes of VIGA™ personal units which you can offer as upgrade options to condominium residents to go in their own home.