HiGarden VIGA™ was featured as one of the five emerging trend products selected by Metro News Toronto from among all the exhibitors at the 2017 Toronto Interior Design Show in an article dated January 26, 2017. Here is what reporter Genna Buck said about HiGarden VIGA™:


“Living Furniture

Canada’s HiGarden company makes living furniture. Its signature item, the VIGA (vertical indoor gardening & aquaculture), is a three-tiered mini ecosystem. The top tier has water, edible plants and a naturally filtering clay base. The second tier has more plants and the third has fish. Nutrients from the plants filter down to the fish, and an electric pump returns the fish waste to the top tier, where it fertilizes the plants. Available in desktop ($1000) and bookcase ($1250) versions – with plants included for an extra $150 – the VIGA is “self-sustaining,” says communications rep Michelle Lee. “The only input is the fish.”

HiGarden Inc. unveils VIGA™ Living Furniture systems at the 2017 Toronto Interior Design Show


A big thank you to all who visited our booth at IDS2017 for the overwhelmingly positive reception, and to all readers of the Toronto Metro News!