HiGarden Inc. is about to transform the very definition of both interior design and green building design, through its introduction of the initial models of Living Furniture, a furniture line incorporating both living plants and fish cohabitating in self-sustaining indoor eco-systems.

After years of research and development, HiGarden Inc. is excited to launch its unique VIGA™ Vertical Indoor Gardening and Aquaculture system, at Toronto’s prestigious Interior Design Show 2017 (IDS2017). VIGA™ is a new technology incorporating the principles of Indoor Regenerative Design™, which we call Living Design. Regenerative Design is derived from the philosophy of biomimicry, human developed technologies which attempt to emulate natural living systems.

At IDS2017, HiGarden will be exhibiting two pieces of Living Furniture, its VIGA™ Desktop and VIGA™ Bookcase. Both models incorporate a series of interconnected aquariums where plants and fish can thrive together. These small units are intended to enhance personal spaces such as homes, offices, classrooms and long term care facility suites.

Even these small VIGA™ systems can accommodate many types of plants including herbs, vegetables and air purifying plants as well as a diversity of small fish. The herbs and vegetables are meant to be continually harvested, of course, to provide a ready supply of fresh, vitamin rich and tasty produce 12 months a year and in any location. In this way, VIGA™ also redefines Local Food, reducing the harvest zone from kilometres to centimetres!


EVENT: Interior Design Show

TIME: Jan. 19-22

LOCATION: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building

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