Our recent open house event, held from July 19th to 21st, was featured on local community publication Snapd.com. The event is described as follows:

HiGarden Inc., located at 205 Torbay Road, Unit #4 held an open house and invited the community to learn about an innovative new Canadian Green Building technology. The VIGA™ Vertical Indoor Gardening & Aquaculture system developed by HiGarden Inc. is an integrated living architectural feature for all types of buildings. The system helps people to stay connected with all the benefits of the natural environment by incorporating features from farms, ponds and wetlands into an integrated bio-system that will invigorate any building interior. The system purifies indoor air, is a source of nature therapy and produces organic food all year long. It is available in sizes from small table top units to complete living rooms.

HiGarden by Darrell Hein

Leon Wasser, Director of Business Development, Phil Fung, Managing Partner and Dr. Azizur Rahman, Director of Research

HiGarden by Darrell Hein 2

The HiGarden Team

Photos by Darrell Hein

The Snapd article is available here: https://markham.snapd.com/event/963400#/

Our open house was also featured by eLocalPost and TheBulletin, available here

    1. https://elocalpost.com/markham/events/higarden-viga-vertical-gardening-and-aquaculture-open-house
    2. http://thebulletin.ca/higarden-viga-to-host-open-house-july-19-21/