Indoor Regenerative Design™ and Consulting

Some clients wish to go above and beyond sustainable design with a more integrative and restorative approach to building. For those clients, we are pleased to offer our unique Indoor Regenerative Design™ and Consulting services. We will work closely with the design team to develop a completely custom and one of a kind indoor ecosystem using our proprietary Indoor Regenerative Design™ methodology.

These ecosystems go beyond the typical arrangement of planters or green walls to provide an immersive natural experience that offers the benefits of improved air quality, stabilized temperature and humidity, and participative health therapy. They also provide a platform that can be used for educational purposes, and even for organic food production depending upon customers’ design requirements.

By including elements of nature in the building from the design phase, we help designers and architects to make their end design a much more vibrant, peaceful and relaxing indoor environment.

Green Building Education and Training

HiGarden views education as a critical tool in the move toward a truly sustainable society. It is only through learning and the changing of mindsets, habits and attitudes that we can build a better, greener future. To help this change, we provide green building education and training services that are tailored to audiences ranging from seasoned industry professionals to the general public.

HiGarden delivers a creative, result-oriented and fun approach to green building education and facilitation. Whether you’re seeking sustainable design solutions for a program, a product, a building, a community, or an experience, our innovative approach will bring your stakeholders together in a collaborative environment to co-create clear next steps.

On the creative side, we provide technical training for how to reliably and consistently apply our holistic and sustainable approach to design. On the practical side, we can work with members of your community to foster interest and understanding about how incorporating sustainable design into our daily lives can produce real benefits.